Concept • Design • Videography • Post-Production • Graphic Design • Promotional Brochure
For thousands of years the traditional ocean-going canoe was the main means of transportation in the Pacific Northwest.
It was a way of life - essential for sustenance, social encounters, and ceremonial customs.  Nearly lost as a result of suppression and technological changes, coastal First Nation’s revival of traditional canoe journeys has become a cornerstone in the resurgence of aboriginal culture.
Today, tribal journeys are hosted yearly, attracting as many as 10,000 visitors and participants. We have been following these events since 2010 and are excited to be part of Sacred Journeys, a project aimed at documenting the historical significance, traditional knowledge, and future impact of these journeys. 
In collaboration with the Heiltsuk First Nation, we developed the concept for a traveling exhibit to portray how the revival of the canoe has strengthened cultural identity and contributed to youth empowerment.  The exhibit will be a way to share ideas and stories, inspiring leadership, innovation, and opportunities for economic development. 
As a fully immersive experience, Sacred Journeys will incorporate large-scale models of traditional canoes, visual-audio displays, interactive touchscreens, and live presentations.

The exhibit will be exposed to thousands of visitors during its 4 – 5 year tour to cultural centers and museums in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  We created a promotional brochure and are assisting the Heiltsuk First Nation in completing the raising of funds.