who we are

mark-sony-filmingGreencoast Media Inc. is a mission driven company. We provide innovative concepts and media solutions for environmental education, public exhibitions, science and corporate communication. We believe in the power of audio-visual media as intuitive tools for public outreach, information and engagement. Interactive websites, touch screen and hands-on exhibits, project documentaries, mobile apps — choosing the right media tool helps to advance the understanding of the places we live in, and to promote solutions for more sustainable living, business and conservation.

why work with us

We draw on many years of international experience in working with the governmental and non-governmental sectors as well as in various cultural settings. We understand the communication needs of educators, NGOs, scientists and campaigners for social and environmental change. You get our combined experience from science and technology, media, arts and communication out of one hand. With our network of designers and programmers we efficiently realize customized communication concepts and media solutions for your needs.